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Aired Aug 6 2017Episode 10

After one contestant is faced with having to decide who leaves the competition, the final three enter the ultimate challenge.

Aired Aug 6 2017Episode 9

After an upsetting elimination, John Cena decides to spend quality time with the remaining contestants and reveals personal information about himself.

Aired Jul 30 2017Episode 8

John Cena announces a double elimination challenge in the works; the teams receive a chance to force another into elimination through direct competition.

Aired Jul 23 2017Episode 7

John Cena® and The Cadre agree that the contestants need some tough love and must improve upon their leadership skills.

Aired Jul 16 2017Episode 6

The contestants face one of their most difficult challenges in the competition thus far as they choose whether to help their teams or help themselves.

Aired Jul 9 2017Episode 5

The week’s challenge is all about love and priorities, testing each team’s strategic skills as they have to choose which prize puzzle they will solve.

Aired Jul 2 2017Episode 4

The contestants have their teamwork tested in their next challenge, which puts them through a difficult foot race while they are tied by the waist.

Aired Jun 25 2017Episode 3

The contestants have their ability to trust put to the test in another team challenge, which prompts the cadre to assign a team captain.

Aired Jun 18 2017Episode 2

John Cena introduces the contestants to their first team challenge, during which they quickly learn the hard way what personal sacrifice really means.

Aired Jun 11 2017Episode 1

A new group of mentors choose from 17 competitors to be a part of their individual teams